Online Installation Through FTP
If you intend to install Virthos on a publicly accessible web server, you can use our Online Installer for easy installation. In this way, you will not need to manually upload files and set permissions.

Latest News
Virthos supports Google's sitemap protocol
All users of Virthos Basic 2.0 and Virthos Pro 2.0 can now take advantage of a new free template that can be used to build sitemaps in XML format for use by Google and other search engines.
Demonstration Site for Web Designers Now Available
Because there is no better way to learn than through examples, we have published a sample site created with Virthos on our download page.
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Hier finden Sie kleinere Updates zur Fehlerbehebung in bestehenden Virthos-Versionen. Die Updates bestehen in der Regel aus einer neuen Versionen der Skriptdatei index.php und des system-Verzeichnisses. Beachten Sie unbedingt die Update-Hinweise, die sich im Paket befinden.

Welche Änderungen in den Updates enthalten sind, ist in der Versionshistorie beschrieben.

Ältere Updates