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Virthos supports Google's sitemap protocol
All users of Virthos Basic 2.0 and Virthos Pro 2.0 can now take advantage of a new free template that can be used to build sitemaps in XML format for use by Google and other search engines.
Demonstration Site for Web Designers Now Available
Because there is no better way to learn than through examples, we have published a sample site created with Virthos on our download page.
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Virthos 2.0.3 Update Released

20 November 2006 – The latest version of Virthos Basic and Vithos Pro include several minor enhancements and patches.

Authors will now find it easier to create hyperlinks encompassing more than one word. Instead of having to rely on "non-breaking spaces," which many browsers do not completely support, you can now just connect words with two periods.

Virthos 2.0.3 now makes it easier to link to pages outside the Virthos environment, but within the website. These links no longer require specifying the domain; it is now possible to use a relative path specification. In contrast to external hyperlinks, hyperlinks within a site no longer open a new browser window, unless authors click the link within Virthos Manager.

Besides these enhancements, the update removes some minor bugs and stumbling blocks. You can find a complete list of changes in the Release Notes.