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Virthos supports Google's sitemap protocol
All users of Virthos Basic 2.0 and Virthos Pro 2.0 can now take advantage of a new free template that can be used to build sitemaps in XML format for use by Google and other search engines.
Demonstration Site for Web Designers Now Available
Because there is no better way to learn than through examples, we have published a sample site created with Virthos on our download page.
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Now test Virthos online

11 October 2006 – We have set up a demonstration website for anyone who wants to obtain a quick overview of how Virthos works, and what working with the content editor is like.

The demonstration site lets you try out all the functionality of Virthos Manager without having to install Virthos on your own server.

To access the demo site:
Login window:
User name: demo
Password: demo

You can edit text, upload images, create new pages or delete existing ones, but at midnight the entire demo site reverts to its original state.