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Virthos supports Google's sitemap protocol
All users of Virthos Basic 2.0 and Virthos Pro 2.0 can now take advantage of a new free template that can be used to build sitemaps in XML format for use by Google and other search engines.
Demonstration Site for Web Designers Now Available
Because there is no better way to learn than through examples, we have published a sample site created with Virthos on our download page.
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Release of Virthos Version 2.0 Coming Soon

7 June 2006 – The new Virthos Version 2.0, which has been undergoing Beta testing since the beginning of the year, will soon be unveiled.

We have issued a pre-release version(2.0b5) in which all known bugs and problems have been fixed. The final version iis expected to be released before the end of June.

Major new features in Virthos 2.0 include:

  • A completely redesigned, intuitive user interface
  • Faster navigation
  • Clipboard functions that allow easy copying and pasting of pages
  • Convenient user management (Virthos Pro only)
  • The ability to modify more system settings interactively (instead of through a configuration file)
  • XML export and import for data interchange, backup, and archival

A direct update from Virthos 1.3.x to Virthos 2.0 is not possible, since the new version uses new clipboard functions and a new database structure. However, the the new import and export functions make it possible to migrate a site to Virthos 2.0 with very little effort.